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As students progress through our band program, they will likely out grow their beginner level instrument and be ready to move on to intermediate (or, in some cases, professional) equipment. This page is meant to provide students and parents with a list of recommended instruments, mouthpieces, and accessories for each instrument. Please visit your own instrument page found in the drop down menu under "instrument pages" to find equipment appropriate for your instrument. Items marked with an asterisk (*) are highly recommended for members of the Twin Valley High School Band Program.

NOTE: It is important that all students try step-up instruments and/or mouthpieces before they purchase them. Since students will CERTAINLY be able to feel and hear a difference playing a step-up instrument and/or mouthpiece as compared to their beginner set up, they will likely want to purchase the first piece of equipment that they try! Several instruments need to be played prior to purchase! With an investment of this magnitude, it is important that the student gets the best fit for their individual needs! Please if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact your child's band director. 

Private lessons 

Perhaps the greatest advantage that you could provide to your student is the opportunity to study with an accomplished professional on his/her instrument. Private lessons on a musical instrument are the best way to improve performance skills. The one-on-one approach allows the student to benefit from the individual attention as opposed to a teacher monitoring a class of over fifty! A recent survey of students in the All-State Honor Band revealed that close to 90% of the students in the band studied privately. Students are generally more inclined to practice diligently for a weekly music assignment and this discipline increases the student's enjoyment with their instrument. Most importantly, taking lessons will help improve your musical experience in the Twin Valley High School Band and help YOU enjoy the lifelong gift of music!

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